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Make memories, laugh till you snort and be there for all the "you had to be there" moments.


Recycled Minds Comedy brings you hilarious and interactive performances for all ages that have won them awards like "Audience Choice Award" and "Best Date Night in the Treasure Valley." We strive to keep our shows fun for all ages so Grandma and little Johnny can laugh together without any of those surprise embarrassing moments. No earmuffs required! In addition to performances, we offer training for businesses and classes for individuals in improv, creative writing and more.

"The Recycled Minds team is simply an amazing group of people, full of so much energy and talent. Their shows always leave my face hurting from laughing so much, and their classes are a blast as well!"

Shelby Speegle

"This was a super fun way to spend an evening. VERY funny! The owners are very talented and put on a great show with their students who were very impressive. You should go, it’s something different!"

Carolynn Russell

"I laughed so hard. This was such a fun show. Very clean and my children even participated in the improv. It was such a pleasant opportunity for everyone in our family to have such a great night."

Mandy Gill

"If you want to laugh hard then I recommend coming to watch them! They're a MUST SEE! They had the whole place rolling. I look forward to seeing them again and again. Thank you for such a wonderful evening!"

Kevin and Tobi


Our shows sell out! So, to guarantee a seat at the show, purchase your tickets ahead of time here.

90s Improv Comedy Show

Saturday, September 16th at 8PM

Step into a hilarious time warp with our 90s Improv Comedy Show produced by Matt Michalowski! Relive iconic 90s trends as our talented comedians create uproarious scenes inspired by the era of boy bands, Tamagotchis, and neon everything. Get ready for a night of spontaneous sketches like SNL, throwback references, and non-stop laughter. Grab your flannel and butterfly clips and grab your tickets now for a comedy extravaganza that'll take you back to the days of VHS tapes and dial-up internet!

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Schooled! Comedy Show

Saturday, September 23rd at 8PM

Get ready to laugh your pencils off at "Schooled!" Join us for a hilarious journey through the hallowed halls of hilarity as our quick-witted comedians turn your schooldays' memories into side-splitting scenes. From pop quizzes to cafeteria chaos, "Schooled" guarantees a night of non-stop laughter that'll make you wish you could stay in detention forever! Whether you aced gym class or were the class clown, this uproarious show will have you reminiscing about backpacks, crushes, and the glory days of the cafeteria mystery meat. Don't be late for this riotous recess – grab your tickets now and let the comedy bell ring!

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It's A Conspiracy! Comedy Show: Aliens

Saturday, Sept. 30th at 8PM

UFO, UAP, ABC, 123, ugh! Flying discs, tic tack that fly at supersonic speed! Are they real? Are all the media, movies and television priming us for a big revelation that humans aren't the only critters in the cosmos of space? From the cover ups to the software disclosure over the last few years, "It's A Conspiracy" will examine the existence of UFOs and UAPs, then improvisers will create comedy laser beams to melt your brains to make you laugh. The show features comedians Jon Colett, Steve Halvorson, Craig Roberts and Sean Hancock.

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Freaky Funny Improv Comedy Show

Friday, October 13th at 8PM

Prepare for a comedy night that's eerily good! Join us for the Freaky Funny Improv Comedy Show where the laughter is so contagious, it's almost spooky! Our hilarious comedians will take your suggestions and create comedic magic right before your very eyes - it's Friday the 13th, but with a twist of humor! Whether you're a seasoned comedy fan or just looking for some "frighteningly" good fun, Freaky Funny promises an unforgettable night.

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Workforce Improv Comedy Show

Saturday, October 14th at 8PM

Go with us on a fun, imaginative ride as we explore everyday jobs from the fictional worlds we love. Ever wonder what it was like to work at the Death Star? Apply for the Scare Floor on Monsters, Inc? We'll create it from your suggestions!

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Hire us for your next event or bring us to your theatre.

Are you unable to make it to one of our local monthly shows? Fortunately, our touring company is able to come to you! We've performed in several countries including Scotland's Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a sold-out venue, Idaho Laugh Fest, on Celebrity cruise ships, universities and historic theaters. A wide variety of touring shows are available. You can pick and choose depending on what type of show the audience you are booking for would like to see. One of our most popular shows is An Improvised Love Story where we interview a couple from the audience, gather details of how they met and fell in love, and then, minutes later, use those details to re-enact a completely improvised sketch of their love story. It was chosen as the Audience Favorite at the Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls.

Our founder, Sean Hancock, has trained all mainstage touring performers and has, himself, received training from the top improv schools in the world including The Groundlings, Second City, UCB and iO. By bringing us to your event or theater, you know you're getting guaranteed quality entertainment. If you are interested in booking Recycled Minds for a tour, do not hesitate to contact us! We love performing and take that joy to the stage! Whether it's a college campus, club, fundraiser, festival or theater, we can customize the show to fit your audience.


We have some fun podcasts for your entertainment. Pop in those headphones and laugh with us!

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