Find your tribe, discover your genius and spend more time laughing in life.


Experienced Instructors

Each instructor has a background in improv and experience on stage and in the classroom. They've studied and performed at world-famous schools such as The Groundlings, UCB, iO Theatre, The Annoyance and Theatre Sports.


Creative Lessons

We offer up to 6 levels of improv comedy classes that teach everything from the basics of short form to characters and longform. We also offer specialty workshops such as Creative Writing, Improv Theory, Sketch and more.


Improv Jams

There are 3 ways to learn: in the classroom, performing on stage and watching as the audience. We hold monthly free improv jams that build your improv muscles and give you a chance to meet and play with other students.


Improv isn't just for actors and high school drama nerds.

If that's you, you'll love it. However, 85% of our students fit a different description. They're transplants looking to find friends and a fun, creative and supportive community. They're entrepreneurs wanting unconventional, yet powerful business tools. They're empty-nesters trying to rediscover their passions. You see, the improv toolkit isn't just for the theatre. It's a toolkit for life.

In our classes, you'll learn the principles that make every scene successful like "Yes, And," "Make Each Other Look Good," "Give Good Gifts," and "Respond to the Last Thing." These principles make up the toolkit that increases creativity, thinking on your feet, being authentic and comfortable in your own skin. If the whole world's a stage, don't you want to be an improviser?

Free Teen Workshops

This Winter, we're offering free teen improv workshops and stand-up open mics for your teens to try it before signing up for a class in the Spring.

Join us Nov. 19th, Dec. 3rd, 10th and 17th for a series of free improv workshops for your teen to experience the joy of improv! *Capacity is limited, so register to save your spot.

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Join us Dec. 15th, Jan. 12th and 26th for a series of free stand-up open mics for your teen to try their hand at stand-up comedy in a fun and safe environment. Hosted and coached by professional comedian, Bree Jones.

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"It's amazing how it helps the everyday relationships you have. It's one of the most fun things I've ever done!"

Sonya Kuhn

"Improv has been a healing dance with fear and emotion. It's been the key my inner child needed. It's been the medicine of laughter and permission my soul craved."

Nicole Counter

"Beyond the thrill of performing and the joy that comes from making people laugh, I'm more confident in my relationships with people and more open to trying new things. And, best of all, I'm part of an insanely supportive creative community filled with some of the most amazing people I've ever met."

Elizabeth Kidd


As part of our mission to bring joy and transformation, Recycled Minds Comedy offers scholarships to defray the cost of classes for students that need financial assistance. We want everyone to experience the laughter lifestyle without concern of cost. The Scholarship Fund is only applicable to our standard level improv classes and does not apply to special events or workshops unless otherwise noted. *Must be 18+ and have reliable transportation to apply.

Our Cancellation Policy

Once a payment has been made, students have until 1 week before the start of class to cancel registration and receive a 100% refund. If a student cancels their registration within less than 1 week prior and before the first day of class, there will be no refund, however, students have the option of rolling over 50% of the registration amount as a credit to a future class. A class credit is only good for the following class season when the class was purchased. Future classes, or space in classes cannot be guaranteed.


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